Information for poster presentations

Poster discussion

The poster will be discussed during the poster discussion. The authors must be present in front of your posters and are available to answer questions during the respective posters discussion.

An own poster wall is provided for each poster. Your poster number and the date of your poster discussion were sent to you via e-mail. Material for affixing the posters will be available in sufficient quantity on site. The poster size should be: 84 cm high × 118.8 cm wide. The posters can be created in either German or English.

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

Please add to your lecture the information concerning the disclosure of potential conflicts.

Note: Posters for marketing purposes or business presentations are not permitted. Employees of industrial companies are not allowed to present the lecture.

Registration and travel costs

Please consider that the acceptance of your lecture is not connected with the congress registration.

You can register online here.

You cannot reimburse your travel and accommodation costs.

No-Show Policy for posters and free lectures

If a poster or free lecture is without excuse on the annual meeting in Stuttgart, the first author will be suspended on the next annual meeting for the registration of inputs!

In order to meet the schedule, all speakers are asked not to exceed the predetermined speech time.